Townhome Living: The Best of Both Worlds

You’re done renting and you’re done with apartment living. Sure, that was great when it made sense for your budget, but you’re ready to move on. However, you’re not quite sure you want the full on financial responsibilities of a big single family home. Or, perhaps you’re an empty nester that does own a big house and you want to downsize, but you don’t want to dive into apartment living. The answer — a townhome. A Saskatoon townhome for sale gives you the lifestyle of a single family home, but this housing experience has some advantages over a house or apartment.

The biggest advantage to a townhome versus a big house is the price. Sure, there are high-end luxury townhomes, but you can save a lot of money by sharing a wall and not needing a ten acre yard.

Townhome living is the best of both worlds. With a townhome, you still get the yard, but you don’t have to take care of a massive lawn or garden. In fact, the association handles most things outside your home. But what maintenance you do have to do is in a smaller space, so you spend your life living instead of weeding the lawn. You get a yard and some privacy where you can do some grilling and hanging out.

A townhome also feels a bit like a home in an urban village, as opposed to a segregated house in the burbs. You still get your privacy, and you have your own front door to walk through, but you can also have a relationship with your neighbours. This is great, not only for friendship, but also for security purposes. People in townhouses look out for each other.

A townhouse really is the place in between apartment living and residing in a big house. Whether you’re buying your first home or downgrading after retirement, a townhome can give you the best of both worlds without making yourself house poor. And because there are always people who want to do the same, once you’ve built some equity and you’re ready to move forward in your buying cycle, you can sell the townhome and move into a single family home. Though, you may just find that you’ve taken to townhome living

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