Getting the Most Space From Your Saskatoon Townhouse

Most people wish they could live in a Michael Jackson-style Neverland ranch, with a huge mansion, and perhaps even a few zoo animals. However, the reality is more likely that you’re in a house, condo, or even an apartment. You might be thinking about downsizing and moving to a Saskatoon townhouse for sale, but wondering how you’ll adjust to living in a smaller space. Fear not — any good architect will tell you that it’s not how much space you have — it’s how you use it. Here are five handy tips for getting the most out of your space.

1) Be ruthless. Cut the clutter. If you rarely use something then sell it, give it to charity, recycle it, or toss it. Do you really need to reserve counter space for that cappuccino maker you haven’t fired up in two years?

2) Light helps. Whether it’s by opening some drapes or a bedroom door that lets some more light in, get that natural light flooding through the space. Painting walls and cabinets in lighter colours can do wonders as well. Just making your townhouse look lighter and more spacious can lift your spirits and make the space appear bigger.

3) I have to have a big screen TV in my Saskatoon townhouse, but you can also go for furniture and appliances that don’t dwarf your space. TVs are mostly flat screen now anyway, so you can wall mount that, and you don’t really need a giant sofa and recliner. Choose a narrow, drop leaf table and keep it against the wall when you’re not using it. In the bedroom, skip the headboard. It just takes up more space. Use the space under your bed for storing things other than dust bunnies. Heck, a futon can play couch during the day and bed at night. When space is at a premium, sometimes furniture must serve more than one purpose.

4) Need a coffee table? Fix up an old trunk that also can be used to store items. Want an ottoman for extra seating? Get one that includes a storage compartment. Instead of a table in the middle of the kitchen, have an island with lots of storage as well as a counter. Don’t just put a table or bookshelf under a window: Use a trunk or chest to make a window seat that doubles as storage. The other way to make your furniture part of the solution is to get it out of your way when it’s not needed. The classic example of disappearing furniture is the Murphy bed, which folds into the wall by day.

5) To make the most of what you have, look for hidden places where you can stretch your townhouse. Look inside cabinets and closet doors; a narrow spice rack can fit inside a cabinet door. Try using hooks for hanging small utensils. Home-organization sections in stores sell containers for shoes, ties, and other items to hang inside closet doors. Look under the stairways. The space under stairs can be a great closet if closed in. It’s also a good place to add shelves or a chest. If you have an awkward corner cabinet, add a Lazy Susan or a slide-out drawer.

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